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UNIT STANDARD NUMBER    :    66249 LEVEL ON THE NQF                 :    4 Learning Map
Module 1:  114596 1. Identify and assess own business ideas/opportunities for a new venture. 2. Analyse the viability of a selected idea/opportunity against specific screening variables. 3. Research the potential of a particular idea/opportunity as a new venture. 4. Analyse a range of risks associated with a new venture. 5. Evaluate new venture ideas/opportunities based on research findings.
Module 2: 114600 1. Develop specific techniques for releasing creativity in developing ideas/opportunities. 2. Determine the role of innovation in the development and growth of a new venture. 3. Apply principles and practices of innovation to the development and growth of a new venture.
Module 3: 263514 1. Explain the free market system in terms of perfect and imperfect competitive markets. 2. Analyse the interaction of demand and supply in price determination. 3. Analyse the factors that influence economic activity. 4. Describe the development and significance of markets.
Module 4: 9015 1. Critique and use techniques for collecting, organising and representing data. 2. Use theoretical and experimental probability to develop models. 3. Critically interrogate and use probability and statistical models.
Module 5:  7468 1. Use mathematics to plan and control financial instruments. 2. Use simple and compound interest to make sense of and define a variety of situations 3. Investigate various aspects of costs and revenue. 4. Use mathematics to debate aspects of the national and global economy.
Module 6:  113836 1. Operate a personal computer and communicate via electronic data 2. Manage work on a personal computer. 3. Compile professional documents. 4. Create professional numerical and financial reports.
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