0.6kg DCP Fire Extinguisher (Firemate)

The DCP 0.6kg Fire Extinguisher (Firemate) is the smallest extinguisher in this range and suitable for Class A, B or C fires, or a combination of these types. These extinguishers are classified as disposable and conform to SANS 1322.


Cylinder Height 285mm
Diameter 68mm
Mass Empty 0.6kg
Mass Full 1.2kg
Discharge >6sec
Working Pressure 1400kPa
Test Pressure 2100kPa
Burst pressure >5500kPa
Safety Valve none


Fire Rating: 3A/8B

Dry Chemical Portable (DCP) fire extinguishers are the most widely used of all types of extinguishers.

our range of stored pressure dry chemical powder extinguishers are suitable for class A (combustible materials), class B (flammable or combustible liquids) and/or class C (electrical) fires or a combination of ABC class fires.

This 0.6kg conforms to SANS 1322 and the fire extinguishing capability complies with the requirement of this standard.

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