FIRST AID LEVEL 1 – Perform Basic Life Support And First Aid Procedures (119567)

Purpose Of This Unit Standard

This unit standard is for persons required to assess the emergency situation and providing basic Life Support and basic First Aid skills to provide immediate medical emergency assistance prior to transfer to the emergency services.


2-days, face to face.

Credit & Non-Credit Bearing Options

It is a compliance requirement that workplace first-aid representatives must elect the SETA accredited POE (credit-bearing) option.

Certificate Validity Period

3 years certificate validity with SETA credit bearing POE submission,

Covid-19 Protocols As Directed

COVID-19 protocols and regulatory compliances are strictly observed and included in the training methodology and outcomes.



First Aid Legislation & Compliances For Workplaces

First Aid Level 1 is a compliance requirement in the workplace as legislated in the Occupational Health & Safety Act which states that for:

  • More than 5 employees:  the employer must provide a suitable, accessible first aid box.

  • More than 10 employees: at least 1 first-aider with a valid, current certificate to support up to 50 employees.

Training Methodology and Philosophy

A foundation of mentorship, raising awareness, respect and vigilance for health, safety, security and protection of spaces and places where people live, work, meet and gather.

Latest Remote-Work-From-Home & COVID-19 Directives Impacting Employees Safety

It is highly recommended that employers ensure that all staff who work off – site are trained in first-responder  eg. First Aid & Fire-Fighting Level 1 as a minimum, in case of an injury ‘on duty’ in the absence of ‘traditional, on-site first responders’ when medical emergencies arise out of office.  This recommendation is supported by the ILO’s ‘An employers’ guide on working from home in response to the outbreak of COVID-19′ (for quick reference to health and safety for remote workers, refer to page 19,20 and 21 ).

Target Market

Besides first responders in the workplace, the course is also highly recommended as part of a H&S career-choice and entrepreneurship model for unemployed youth, women, community volunteer-NGO workers and anyone interested in health, safety, and saving lives.

Donate To A Worthy Cause To Uplift Poorer Communities With Life-Saving Skills

Click here to read (some) Emergency Medical Statistics’ and an invitation to support the Community Safety Champions campaign (Western Cape) aimed at rapidly improving health, safety and protection conditions for victims of GBV, the aged, and marginalised PWD.

Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions

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