Purpose Of This Course

Practical, techniques are demonstrated by our highly skilled, trained and experienced frontline healthcare professional facilitators who equips delegates in the basic techniques of CPR to address choking in adults, children and infants.  It is also often a useful competence or requirement for working on cruise ships, fitness, entertainment industries overseas.


+-3.5 hours, face to face.


An AHA Family & Friends Certificate, internationally recognised, valid for 2 years.

Covid-19 Protocols And Regulatory Compliances As Directed

Strictly observed and included in the training methodology and outcomes.




This AHA (American Heart Association) course provides techniques to apply CPR to choking adults, children and infants. The course is intended for anyone who wants to learn CPR but does not need a CPR course completion card to meet a job requirement. It teaches basic orientation and lifesaving skills of adult Hands-Only CPR, adult CPR with breaths, child CPR, adult and child AED use, infant CPR, and choking relief for adults, children and infants that can be practiced whilst waiting for the medical professionals to arrive on the scene.  CPR skills are significantly useful to bridge the gap between sudden cardiac arrest and the arrival of advanced medical interventions.

Target Market

  • Parents, grandparents, carers looking after babies and the frail and aged, domestic workers, receptionists, teachers, gym staff etc.

  • Highly recommended for anyone interested kick starting a health & safety related career path eg all employees, matriculants, youth, the unemployed, informal traders and other entrepreneurs, NGO (eg. neighbourhood watch) volunteers, et

  • Also recommended for remote workers in the event of a medical emergency when the in-office first aider is not available (Click here for the ILO recommendations, specifically pages 18-21, linked to prevention and reducing incidences of exposure and spreading of the  Covid-19 virus.)


Training Methodology and Philosophy

A foundation of mentorship, raising awareness, respect and vigilance for health, safety, security and protection of spaces and places where people live, work, meet and gather.


Frontline Healthcare Professional Facilitators 

Rhens is in partnership with Heart Guardians Emergency Training Centre headed by Helene Basson who is accredited with inter alia SAIOSH, RCSA, AHA, SAIOSH, Intrasafe, has over 12 years service in Emergency Medical Services, is a Clinical Facilitator and a BLS Instructor working with Frontline Healthcare Professionals to instruct AHA and RCSA courses; is a CPG instructor for the pre-hospital medical staff; has current ACLS- advanced cardiac life support status; worked in COVID-19-ICU and has ITLS- International Trauma Life Support Instructor status.  Helene is supported by Sister Ingrid Watson (click here) who heads our Frontline Healthcare Professional Advisory Panel Of Experts.


Donate To A Skills Development Campaign To Uplift Poorer Communities (A CSI-Spend Model For Companies) 

Click here for some Emergency Medical Statistics’ and an invitation to support the Community Safety Champions campaign, a skills-entrepreneurship-mentorship based turn-around strategy by ‘communities for communities‘ to rapidly improve health & safety socio-economic conditions in poorer (WC) communities with a focus on youth, women, the frail and aged, victims of GBV and PWD.


Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions

Please review our full T&C’S on our website.

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