Identify causes of stress and techniques to manage it in the workplace US244589

This Unit Standard is intended for supervisors, team leaders, managers, peer counsellors, community counsellors and employee lay counsellors who are in a position to create an environment where stress is managed so as to create a healthy and productive workplace where people’s problems are recognised and assistance is available.

A manager in the context of this Unit Standard is the manager of a small business and first line managers of business units, team leaders and supervisors in medium and large organisations. The term business unit implies a small business, cost centre, section or department.

The Unit Standard was developed as a means of contributing to change in leadership focus and empowering managers to look at people issues.

The qualifying learner is capable of:

  • Explaining stress and its role in daily living.
  • Explaining different ways in which people react to stress.
  • Identifying stressors in the workplace and their relationship to work performance.
  • Identifying stressors related to home and the greater environment.
  • Investigating techniques to manage stress in the workplace.


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