SHE Rep: Apply Safety, Health and Environmental Procedures (F,P,D13223)

Learners will be equipped with learning and understanding of relevant safety, health and environmental protection procedures in their place of work and what it requires to maintain a safe and productive work area. They are able to explain safety, health and environmental objectives, standards and regulations at the workplace, perform safety inspections, and identify and report on unsafe conditions.

Target Market: Who Should Attend

  • All new and existing Health and Safety Committee Representatives requiring their new or updated SHE REP  compliance certificate
  • All entrepreneurs, the youth and anyone wishing to upskill themselves for a potential career in health and safety.
  • Any wishing to become a serving Health & Safety Representatives in a company in the future
  • Management/Supervisors


Certificate Outcome

  • A Certificate Of Completion will be issued by Rhens Training Institute on completion of all assessments linked to the course


Certificate Validity Period

2 Years Department Of Labour Endorsed


List Of All Training Delivery Options To Choose From

  • F: Face to Face, physically at a venue with other learners (1 day)
  • O: Online Self Paced learning only (over a maximum of 3 months, ideally)
  • O,F: Online, Face to Face via an online social media platform eg ZOOM for a pre-agreed period of time


The Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993 require staff members to be appointed as health and safety representatives to inspect the workplace. The employer is required to provide health and safety training in order for them to perform their duties.

Health & Safety at the Workplace requires not only Understanding and Knowledge, but most of all a healthy amount of communication throughout the Workforce.

It is the Health & Safety Representative’s Responsibility to prevent potential Threats and non-compliance Issues, to report certain findings to Management, to then discuss possible solutions in carefully structured Health & Safety Meetings, and finally to ensure the achievement of set goals.

In order to give Management a more realistic view of Happenings on the work floor, non-managerial Representatives are of vital importance to this progress.

These Representatives must have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the legislative requirements (OSH Act), they must be aware of their Duties and Responsibilities, and they must be familiar with all Administrative Requirements involved in their Quest for Safety at the Workplace.


  • Responsibilities of Employees & Management towards Safety, Health and Environmental Procedures in the workplace
  • Responsibilities of all parties towards safety of people, clients, products, services from a workplace safety risk – management legislative perspective
  • Election/Nomination
  • Requirements & Procedure of Appointment
  • Legal Requirements and Functions
  • Investigation, Cause – finding
  • Health & Safety Inspections and Reporting
  • Identification of Incidents, their Prevention & Reporting
  • Identification of Risks and Hazards
  • Basic Fire Prevention
  • Legal Document Completion



  • Learners will have a better understanding of the functions and responsibility of a SHE Representative
  • Learner will be able to carry out basic inspections and participate in SHE Rep committee procedures
  •  By the end of the course, the learner will be able to explain:
      • the general purpose and broad content of the OHS Act
      • the election/nomination process
      • the functions and responsibilities of HSE representatives
      • the purpose, structure and responsibilities of an HSE committee
      • the common causes of incidents in the workplace
      • the basic principles of incident prevention
    • participate effectively in HSE committee procedures
    • carry out a basic inspection of their work area
    • identify areas where information is required from the employer to support specific workplace inspection needs
    • identify additional training needs.


  • An assessment during and at the end of the course will be required.



Rhens Training Institute has a partnership agreement with Heart Guardians Emergency Training Centre headed by Helene Basson who is accredited with, amongst others, SAIOSH, RCSA, AHA, SAIOSH, Intrasafe and who has served the Emergency Medical Services community for almost 12 years; she leads a team of instructors delivering courses in Emergency Medical Care, First Aid and Health & Safety; she works as a Clinical Assessor at a globally recognised medical facility, is a certified Assessor and Moderator for all health and safety courses, a BLS Instructor working with Healthcare Professionals to instruct American Heart Association (AHA) and Resuscitation Council of South-Africa (RCSA) courses; a CPG instructor for the pre-hospital medical staff; current with ACLS- advanced cardiac life support; worked in COVID-19 ICU; is  currently busy with her COVID-19 ventilator course through Harvard University and COVID for Healthcare workers course through Stanford University and has ITLS- International Trauma Life Support Instructor status.


Our T&C’S apply to all Rhens Consulting training products and courses whether named and / or as may be implied and / or as is reasonable and plausible to be assumed even if not stated specifically in writing in this particular product offer. Please review our full T&C’S on our website.


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