Department Of Employment and Labour (DEL376480) First Aid Level 1 Course:

This is a 3-day, face to face interactive group participation course that is DEL endorsed and accredited at Level 3 First Aid (Provide First Aid As An Advanced First Responder) equivalent) culminating in a Certificate Of Completion valid for 3 years.

Each year people are killed by injuries sustained from ‘accidents’ which could have been avoided in the workplace.   The ”Draft General Health and Safety Regulations” (Government Gazette, No. 28162) states that ”an employer shall take all reasonable steps that are necessary under the circumstances, to ensure that persons at work receive prompt first aid treatment in case of injury or emergency.” First Aid training is thus a legal requirement in the workplace and it is morally the right thing to do.

The Level 3 First Aid  course will enable the First Responder in the workplace to prevent and respond to health emergencies at an advanced level particularly those emergencies arising from a specific occupational risk in that workplace. The level 3 advanced first aid training course also covers topics essential for persons working or living in areas where medical emergency response is slow and/or medical care is not readily accessible. This Level 3 first aid course meets the requirements of the Department of Labour in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act in respect of workplaces where hazardous conditions are present and incorporates the specific outcomes and assessment criteria of the SAQA registered Unit Standard 37648. CPR in this course complies with the guidelines released by the American Heart Association, October 2015.


All our FIRST AID courses are accredited with SETA and / or Department Of Employment and Labour (DEL).


  • Health and Safety Reps and Committee members in the workplace.
  • Employees who work from home and off-site from a central office location and who are accountable for their own safety and risk management whilst off-site.
  • Highly recommended career path for the youth, unemployed and anyone seeking a secondary career.
  • Essential for neighbourhood watch teams, churches, governing bodies, events planners etc


  • Face to Face at a venue location with other learners observing all COVID-19 protocols as directed.
  • Observatory, Koeberg, Pinelands, Koeberg, Strand / Somerset West, Durbanville, Bellville
  • Venue of your choice for block bookings.


  • DEL FIRST AID LEVEL 1 : 2 days, R900, Valid for 3 years
  • DEL FIRST AID LEVEL 2 : 3 days, R1500, Valid for 3 years
  • DEL FIRST AID LEVEL 3 : 3 days, R1500, Valid for 3 years
  • DEL FIRST AID LEVEL  1 & 2 : 3 Days, R1500, Valid for 3 years
  • DEL FIRST AID LEVEL  2 & 3 : 3 Days, R1500, Valid for 3 years
  • DEL FIRST AID LEVEL 1 &2 & 3 : 5 DAYS, R1900, Valid for 3 years


  • COVID-19 PROTOCOLS: Regulatory Compliances Strictly Observed
  • COVID-19 compliance elements included in training methodology & outcomes.



Regulation 7 of the ”Draft General Health and Safety Regulations” as Gazetted on 28 October 2005 (Government Gazette, No. 28162) provides the specifications relating to ”First aid, emergency equipment, and procedures”.   The regulation states that ”an employer shall take all reasonable steps that are necessary under the circumstances, to ensure that persons at work receive prompt first aid treatment in case of injury or emergency.”

This  interactive course ranges from Level 1 to Level 3 and is facilitated on the basis of Level 1 | Level2  | Level 3 or combinations of these levels over 3 or 5 days.

First Aid training outcomes provides  a medical emergency response essential skill that equips and empowers learners with skills as well as sufficient knowledge to enable them to  remain calm and to perform potentially life-saving procedures until medical professionals arrive.

It is a hands-on practical course requiring on-site, face to face classroom interaction and it is facilitated by our specialist, highly experienced and accredited frontline healthcare essential worker facilitators with currently active’ medical backgrounds.


  • Where more than 10 employees are employed at a workplace, the employer needs to appoint a first aider.  This is a compulsory legal appointment and the first aider should be readily available during normal working hours.
  • Shops and offices – one first aider for every 100 employees.
  • Other workplaces – one first aider for every 50 employees.
  • First Aiders must be in possession of a valid first aid certificate, issued by accredited training provider that is approved by the Department Of Employment and Labour (DEL) Chief Inspector and / or by SETA (for credit bearing courses) for this purpose.


Basic care for injuries or sudden illnesses until advanced medical care can take over. Handling emergency situations; basic disease transmission precautions; recognizing and caring for bleeding, wounds, sudden illness; and immobilizing muscle, bone and joint injuries. Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the correct use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) are essential skills emphasized to save a person’s life in a medical emergency. This is the ideal first aid training course for people in hazardous working environments or living in areas where medical care is not readily accessible. Level 3 outcomes will allow for the Firs Aider to apply accepted current and advanced level aid protocols to an emergency situation.

All Level 1 and Level 2 Course Content as prescribed and as assessed and a pre-requisite current Certificate for Levels 1 and 2 with current validity must be in place.  On completion of this Level 3,  training the First Aid responder will be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of emergency scene management,
  • demonstrate an understanding of elementary anatomy and physiology,
  • assess an emergency situation,
  • apply First Aid procedures to a life-threatening situation and treat common injuries.
  • transport patients who are stabilised within the certification afforded under the Level 3 DEL Certificate, to a hospital
  • explain the principles of advanced first aid in emergencies
  • demonstrate an advanced level of preparedness to deal with sudden illness or emergency
  • assess and managing an emergency scene/disaster
  • describe the anatomy and explaining the physiology of the human body systems in terms of injury or sudden illness
  • apply primary first aid for all age groups according to accepted current first aid protocols
  • explain and manage shock.


Knowledge and skill applicable to First Aid Level 1 and 2 must be in place in order to progress to the content hereunder:

•.Principles of first aid and safety.
• Universal precautions.
•  Ethics related to emergency care.
•  The first responder and the law.
•  Preparedness to deal with sudden illness or emergency at an advanced level.
•  Emergency scene/disaster assessment and management.
•  Multiple injury management.
•  Applied anatomy and physiology.
•  Disorders and/or diseases affecting specific body systems.
•  The primary survey.
•  Artificial respiration.
•  Managing a choking victim.
•  One- and two-rescuer CPR (adults, children and infants).
•  Recovery positions with and without a spinal board and spider harness.
•  Transporting the patient according to the injury, disorder or condition of the patient/s and available means of transport, rescue carries.
•  Oxygen therapy.
•  Pulse sites and pulse monitoring.
•  Emergency treatment of shock (hypovolemic, cardiogenic and anaphylactic).
•  The secondary survey.
•  Wounds and bleeding; soft tissue injuries.
•  General principles of fractures and the threatened limb.
•  Head and spinal injuries.
•  Joint injuries, strains and sprains.
•  Hand and eye injuries, Chest injuries, sucking chest wound, flail chest.
•  Pelvic, abdominal and crush injuries.
•  Burns.
•  Poisoning, bites and stings.
•  Common medical emergencies: chest pain and paralysis; breathlessness, croup, asthma, epileptic seizures, stroke, diabetes and skin reactions.
•  Environmental illness and injuries – hyperthermia, hypothermia and drowning.
•  Common infectious diseases, severe headaches, excessive diarrhoea, vomiting, any type of haemorrhage.
•  Emergency childbirth


  • Adult CPR manikins
  • Spinal immobilisation equipment
  • All medical consumables
  • Various types of bandages, splints, gloves, CPR devices etc.


  • Basic Contents of a First Aid Kit
  • Cholera / TB


  • DEL Requirements:         An assessment during and at the end of the course.
    • Written test (closed book)
    • 70% pass mark
    • Practical demonstration of first aid skills.


Rhens Training Institute has a partnership agreement with Heart Guardians Emergency Training Centre headed by Helene Basson who is accredited with, amongst others, SAIOSH, RCSA, AHA, SAIOSH, Intrasafe and who has served the Emergency Medical Services community for almost 12 years; she leads a team of instructors delivering courses in Emergency Medical Care, First Aid and Health & Safety; she works as a Clinical Assessor at a globally recognized medical facility, is a certified Assessor and Moderator for all health and safety courses, a BLS Instructor working with Healthcare Professionals to instruct American Heart Association (AHA) and Resuscitation Council of South-Africa (RCSA) courses; a CPG instructor for the pre-hospital medical staff; current with ACLS- advanced cardiac life support; worked in COVID-19 ICU; is  currently busy with her COVID-19 ventilator course through Harvard University and COVID for Healthcare workers course through Stanford University and has ITLS- International Trauma Life Support Instructor status.


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