FIRE LEVEL 2 (O,CB,S12484)

This is a SAQA accredited, online training course option whereby the Learner chooses to complete and submit a Portfolio Of Evidence (POE) for moderation by the relevant SETA to qualify for the credits attached to the course.

The theory aspects of the course is completed online via self paced learning, ideally over a 3 month period at most and the practical intervention is to be arranged to be assessed with the learner at a place and time convenient to both parties. Learners are issued with a Certificate of Online Completion that is valid for 2 years once both theory and practicals are completed.


All our FIRE courses are accredited with SETA and / or Department Of Employment and Labour (DEL).


  • Health and Safety Fire Reps and Committee members in the workplace.
  • Employees who work in the new ‘work-from-home’ space who are now accountable for their own safety whilst working off-site.
  • Ideal and essential for office workers, general labourers, farm workers, conservation staff, neighbourhood watch / church / school governing bodies, events planners etc
  • Highly recommended career path for the youth, unemployed and anyone seeking a new or secondary career path with secondary income potential.


  • This training is the ONLINE, SELF PACED credit bearing (NQF2, Cr4) course option with a POE to be submitted to the SETA for moderation .
  • Other learning options include:
      • Face to Face training at a venue location with other learners observing all COVID-19 protocols as directed.
      • Venues in the Western Cape: Observatory, Koeberg, Pinelands, Strand / Somerset West, Durbanville, Bellville
      • A venue of the employer or governing body or neighbourhood watch group’s choice for block bookings


  • DEL FIRE LEVEL 1  :  1 day, R800, Face to Face, Valid for 2 years
  • DEL FIRE LEVEL 2    :  2 days, R1300, Face to Face, Valid for 2 years
  • SETA FIRE LEVEL 2 :   R1200, Online; Practicals to be completed; Submission Of POE for credits (NQF2,Cr4), Certificate Of Completion, Valid for 2 years
  • SETA FIRE LEVEL 2 :   R600, Online; Practicals to be completed; No POE submission with this option, Certificate Of Completion, Valid for 1 year.


  • COVID-19 PROTOCOLS: Regulatory Compliances Strictly Observed
  • COVID-19 compliance elements included in training methodology & outcomes.



The Safety, Health and Environmental Regulations, Section 5.2 – the relevant and applicable law in South Africa – compels all companies to have trained, accredited fire – fighters in the workplace*. Accordingly all employers must have a sufficient, legislated amount of trained fire fighters and must provide sufficient fire fighting equipment and ensure prominent display and implementation of safety rules to keep their employees safe. The legislation stipulates that:

  • At least 1 out of 50 employees in an organisation must have basic fire fighting skills
  • In the event of a fire, there must be someone who is trained and knows how to react without causing panic.
  • Employers need to ensure that all employees know what to do in the case of a fire which includes inter alia:
    • Regular fire drills to confirm that all staff know what to do and where to go in the shortest time possible.
    • Basic fire fighting skills must be provided, such as how to put out an electrical fire as opposed to flames caused by oil.
    • Employees should also have basic instruction on how to operate fire extinguishers and hoses.
    • Evacuation procedures and notifying fire and emergency services
    • Keeping windows and doors closed as far as possible to contain the fire.


This is a Level 2 accredited course and credits and a Certificate Of Completion will only be issued if a learner holds a valid pre-requisite Fire Level 1 certificate as the entry to proceeding to a Fire Level 2 training course.  The purpose of the Fire Level 2 course is to develop the learner to progress towards obtaining more advanced knowledge and skills on the basis and understanding that they are already proficient and competent with Fire Level 1 skills, knowledge and application principles..  Qualifying learners will be trained to select and use the appropriate fire fighting equipment to extinguish and work on the control of manageable fires whilst always still waiting and depending on the specialist skills of the real emergency fire fighters.



  • Fire prevention:
    • Theory of combustion
    • Methods of extinguishment (cooling, smothering and starving)
    • Common causes of fire
    • Fire spreading methods
    Pre – fire preparation:
    • Classes of fire
    • Extinguishing equipment (extinguishers, hose reels, fire blankets, fire buckets, hose & hydrant, sprinkler systems, etc.)
    • Checks of fire equipment and
    • Maintenance of fire equipment
    • Selecting correct equipment according to size & class of fire
    • Fire fighting techniques
    Procedures to follow in case of fire:
    • Evacuation procedures and guidelines
    • Getting out alive
    • Rescue Carries
    Practical demonstration and evaluation:
    • Live fire demo (if allowed on premises) with extinguishers, hose reels, lay flat hoses & hydrants
    • Practical evaluation and
    • Written evaluation


o Selection of firefighting procedures for particular fires
o Prevention of fires
• Types, uses and operation of firefighting and safety equipment
• Retreat procedures form fire
• Issues to consider when monitoring fire and site


  1. Reporting and recording requirements
  2. Explain the implications of not adhering to sequence of activities and operations as described in the specific outcomes and making decisions inappropriate to the task


The skills, values and knowledge and  learning outcomes contribute to the exit level outcomes which entails inter alia:

  1. Discuss and explain procedures for dealing with fires in the workplace
  2. Identifying the type of fire, its context and select the appropriate fire fighting procedure
  3. Identify, select and check appropriate fire fighting and safety equipment
  4. Fight containable / extinguishable fires
  5. Retreat from fire site and hand over to appropriate personnel
  6. Report / record status of fire and equipment

The skills, values and knowledge and learning outcomes are SAQA Unit Standard based at NQF2, Cr4 and thus this learning programme is designed as part of a progression. It is one of a series of unit standards for safety, health and environmental protection in the workplace and where-ever else applied.


  • Delegates will be required to pass an assessment to qualify for their 2 year validity Certificate Of Completion.
  • An official Portfolio Of Evidence for submission to the relevant SETA to qualify for the credits aligned to this NQF2 credit bearing course


  • Certificate Of Online Completion valid for 2 years will be issued within 30 days after completion of both the online theory and having been found competent in the pre-requisite physical interaction assessments which are to be arranged after completing the online theoretical aspects of this course.
  • A Credit Bearing Certificate will be issued by the relevant SETA after the submission of a POE and this can take up to 12 months as timing is solely at the SETA’s discretion.
  • The onus is on the Learner to present a current, valid Level 1 Fire certificate as part of the documentation pack required for the course.and the POE submission.


Rhens Training Institute has a partnership agreement with Heart Guardians Emergency Training Centre headed by Helene Basson who is accredited with, amongst others, SAIOSH, RCSA, AHA, SAIOSH, Intrasafe and who has served the Emergency Medical Services community for almost 12 years; she leads a team of instructors delivering courses in Emergency Medical Care, First Aid and Health & Safety; she works as a Clinical Assessor at a globally recognized medical facility, is a certified Assessor and Moderator for all health and safety courses, a BLS Instructor working with Healthcare Professionals to instruct American Heart Association (AHA) and Resuscitation Council of South-Africa (RCSA) courses; a CPG instructor for the pre-hospital medical staff; current with ACLS- advanced cardiac life support; worked in COVID-19 ICU; is  currently busy with her COVID-19 ventilator course through Harvard University and COVID for Healthcare workers course through Stanford University and has ITLS- International Trauma Life Support Instructor status.


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